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The Import Doctors specializes in Asian imports. Honda, Lexus, Subaru, Toyota and Acura just to name a few. We provide quality service and repair on most all imports - with the exception of German models. We do not provide service for German imports.
Preventative Car Maintenance

We’ll perform a complete checkup and inform you when we find issues with cooling systems, engine, steering and more.  You want us to keep your car at peak performance and when we find issues it's our job to notify you no matter how large or small it may be.

Common Repairs

We're here for your most common vehicle service tasks.  We provide full oil change services, tire rotations, computer engine diagnostics and suggested manufacturer maintenance repairs.

Transmission Repair

Not many service centers can boast they provide transmission service work.  We don't need to send you to a specialist.  We can perform transmission service work for your Asian import right here in our shop.

Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical service work can be one of the most daunting tasks of any car service center.  We stay focused and will get those "bugs" out of your electrical systems - it's why you brought your Asian import to us in the first place - because of our commitment to getting it fixed right for you!

About Us

For 20 years, The Import Doctors have been the expert automotive service and repair shop for your   Asian Import   in Fort Wayne.  Our highly trained technicians exclusively service   Asian Imports.    Everything from transmission repairs to oil changes and brake repairs—we'll even provide towing.  We use the highest quality parts and fluids to keep your vehicle running smoothly, without hurting your wallet. We can save you up to 40% compared to the dealership and, best of all, we   guarantee  our work!

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Dependable Car Service

If you are looking for quality Asian Import vehicle service center - then The Import Doctors is the right choice.

When it comes to repairing or doing checkups on your Asian Import, all our technicians combined has almost three quarters of a century of practical experience. We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible. That’s why we cut on all unessential business expenses. We keep it simple - Service Done Right!
Lights & Lightning

We have access to numerous suppliers to help get your light bulbs you need for your vehicles lighting fixtures.  We can even help order in custom light bulbs for your Asian import so you can have the coolest looking car around.

Tools & Equipment

Asian imports require a few additional tools to ensure the best service and we have everything needed to service your Asian Import.  We wouldn't have the reputation we do and the loyal customer base if we weren't able to fix your import vehicle engine issues.

  • 4520 N. Clinton St. Fort Wayne, IN 46825